How works

Traders come in with crypto or fiat

They buy crypto or tokenised assets - Trading can be leveraged 1-100

3. matches their orders with other clients' orders and hedges them through, LMAX Digital

and other exchanges like Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, NASDAQ, NYSE and Gain Capital

Traders sell tokenised assets and withdraw crypto or fiat pricing model

Where do the prices come from?
Liquidity providers stream executable buy and sell prices to liquidity

We are committed to provide clients with the most competitive spreads and best-in-class order execution. The price is formed as the result of order competition we get from clients and liquidity providers.
Besides a regular supply/demand pricing model, our prices are backed with additional liquidity from a list of reliable and trustworthy LPs. They include: LMAX Digital,, Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, NASDAQ, NYSE and Gain Capital.
A rapid matching and pricing engine ensures that your orders are executed immediately at a requested or better price.

Ready to trade?

Open a live account in just 3 minutes

Manipulation-free trading environment

Perfect match instantly provides the best bid and ask prices and volumes in the order book. All the orders are kept safe on our servers. 
If your order is not matched with another trader’s order, it is filled with extra liquidity. hedges your trade with a liquidity provider with the best price and makes profits from commissions only. All orders have no information about the trader. Your entry orders, stops and limits are invisible.

Ample liquidity to fill your orders

The quality of execution no longer depends on how many players are on the market. We always add extra liquidity in order book to make sure every request is satisfied.

We make sure you buy or sell over 1,300 tokenised assets – including shares, commodities, indices and forex – whenever you want at fair prices and most competitive spreads.

Reliable servers and advanced matching engine

Physical security with LD4 Equinix servers

The world’s foremost professional server host, UK-based LD4 Equinix, ensures that trade execution time is approximately 200 milliseconds.

Our servers are housed in an ultra-secure locked private cage protected by armed guards and video surveillance. LD4 Equinix is used by many of the world’s leading exchanges including the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and the London and Frankfurt stock exchanges.

Excellent order-matching and execution engine

Our core order-matching and execution engine can handle up to 50 million transactions per second. This ensures there will never be a bottleneck in customer order placement and execution.

The trade-matching engine developed by sets it apart from competitors. The platform is sustainable, not limited to the speed of blockchain and fast enough, no matter the volume of trading.

Ready to trade?

Open a live account in just 3 minutes

Thousands of orders per second without compromising security

At crypto trading platform we are 100% open about what we do and how we do it. The platform can simultaneously handle tens of thousands of orders. It is designed with multi-dimensional scalability – be it high-demanding traders generating tons of orders per second, or the need to support numerous cryptocurrencies or tokens. We do all this at the highest risk-management and security standards.

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Trade the world’s top tokenised stocks, indices, commodities and FX pairs with crypto or fiat
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Trade the world’s top tokenised stocks, indices, commodities and FX pairs with crypto or fiat
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